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Lola's Paperie was created in 2012 by Jodi Leaver, with a focus on creating unique, straight forward and fuss free stationery that breaks the mould, because we don't all want faff and frills

I create stand-out stationery for edgy and unconventional couples, who want to level up with the most striking visuals in the game

I saw the paper stuff out there, and it was, quite frankly *booorrriiiiinnnnng*. With an overabundance of serious, samey and sensible styling, all I saw was beige, cursive fonts and flowing florals. Eeeek... I was getting married, not planning my funeral!

So when it came to styling my big day, I knew that as a designer and consumer, I had to craft something that spoke my language. I wanted something *wow*, but I also wanted something understated without all the faff, frills and florals; instead capturing our fun and laidback personalities.

I've carefully crafted 8 edgy templated semi-custom wedding collections with a ton of flexibility, giving you professionally made, designer-y stationery, without the designer price tag.

My collections aren't just for show; I dug deep to make the visuals striking and exciting, while getting you the functionality and organisation needed to scale the hell out of your wedding, ensuring its assembled with ease and expertise.

The Lola Experience

Planning a wedding is one of the most 10 stressful life events. But it doesn't have to be that way
In our fast paced day to day lives of speed, stress and urgency, it is more important than ever to slow down in order to honour and really enjoy this once in a lifetime celebration
A soft and subtle, less-is-more approach to planning your wedding, doesn't mean that fun and style have to be compromised.
I provide a streamlined experience that is purposefully relaxed and simplistic, using technology, experience and modern design to ensure the pretty stuff looks as good as you feel